The analyses were part of Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity in the Landscape of Bulgarias Rhodope Mountains Project, also known as the Rhodope Project, a joint initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (MAF), funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).


The project presents the first phase of the measure of the Financing Memorandum agreed between the European Commission and the Republic of Bulgaria, for grant of assistance from ISPA for technical assistance for project preparation in the Environmental sector in Bulgaria, measure 2006 BG 16 P PA 001, signed on March 19th, 2007
Implementation: 09.07.2008 11.11.2008


The primary focus of this project is Capacity Building at the Local Level in order to develop skills in Project Preparation related to EU funding programmes with particular emphasis on environment.
Implementation: 30.11.2007 30.05.2009


REC-Bulgaria team is providing technical assistance to municipal projects related to waste management, water quality and waste management, tourism development.
Implementation: 02.07.2008 30.09.2008


The overall objective of this project is to achieve integrated waste management and higher quality of the services provided at local and regional level through establishment of regional waste management systems and to ensure the compliance with the requirements of the national legislation with the EU regulatory framework in the waste management sector.
Implementation: 01.12.2006 30.11.2007


The overall objective of this project is to achieve full compliance with EU and Bulgarian Regulations related to solid waste management and thus avoiding the potential environmental damages and risks from the existing landfills.
Implementation: 12.09.2005 30.06. 2007


Twenty-nine waste management experts form RIEW were trained in the implementation of Regulation 9/04 on the order and forms for providing information on waste management activities, Regulation 3/04 on wastes classification and Regulation on packaging and wastes from packaging, adopted with Order of Council of Ministries 41/26.02.04.
Implementation: 6-8 December 2004


The conference was organised by the Regional Environmental Center Bulgaria with the main financial support of Central European Initiative. Main partner for organisation of the Convention was Black Forest Systems, Switzerland.
The conference was held on June 30th and July 1st, 2005, at Rodina Hotel.


3P is a new program of InWEnt Capacity Building International, Bonn, for public private partnerships (PPP).
Implementation: started 2006 - ongoing


Development of Tourism in Municipality of Belogradchik

The Community Forum in Belogradchik represented a broad public involvement in discussing a matter of community importance. Within ten public sessions, people were able to discuss the issue of development of tourism in their region and town. The Forum laid the ground for equal dialogue and agreement on important issues among different social groups. The goal of the Forum in Belogradchik was to outline a shared vision on the development of tourism. At the same time it aimed at discussion of ideas, the implementation of which would contribute to making that common vision a reality.
Implementation: February 2004 July 2005


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