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Foundation “Regional Environmental Center - Bulgaria” is a non-profit organization, registered in public benefit and its activity is regulated by the Non-profit legal entities act. It is established in 2004 by the longstanding team of the country office of REC for CEE in Hungary.  The Foundation is an independent Bulgarian legal entity and is not part of REC for CEE international network.

REC-Bulgaria is committed to improvement of environment and environmental protection. It cooperates for identification of environmental problems and establishes platform for addressing problems by encouraging partnership among institutions and nongovernmental sector in the country and in the Balkan region.

Goals of the organization:
  • Assist institutions in Republic of Bulgaria in implementation of commitments undertaken in the EU accession process in the sphere of environmental protection and sustainable development;
  • Support local, regional and national authorities in establishment of the base for solving environmental problems and for efficient implementation of national environmental legislation harmonized with the EU Acquis;
  • Develop environmental culture and practical skills for protection and improvement of environment among various social groups and thus contribute to development of civil society in the country.
Regional Environmental Center - Bulgaria implements projects funded by private, national and international financial institutions and donors.

The team has stipulated partnership as its fundamental principle. It is open to cooperation on environmental matters with public and private institutions, non-governmental organizations, academia, media and public both in the country and in the Balkan region.

Organization activities are related to
  • access to information and public participation in environmental decision making;
  • expert support to municipal and private sector structures in implementing environmental legislation;
  • know-how and technology transfer, sharing of knowledge and modern approaches in handling concrete environmental problems;
  • support to environmental investment on regional, municipal level and in private sector;
  • capacity building of environmental NGOs and municipal authorities;
  • strengthening transboundary cooperation on environmental protection and development of transboundary regions;
  • promotion of environmentally sound production, eco-tourism, sustainable agriculture.

The team of REC-Bulgaria has acquired substantial expertise in the following sectors:
  • Waste management;
  • Air quality;
  • Water management
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate change
  • Ecotourism development
by participating in projects for:
  • Development of policies and programmes
  • Development of legislative acts
  • Surveys, analysis and problem evaluation
  • Environmental education
  • Capacity building
  • Provision of trainings on implementation of environmental requirements
  • Information and public participation
  • Private sector assistance in implementation of environmental requirements
  • Establishment of public-private partnerships
  • Organization of events, conferences, information and awareness campaigns.
News from "REC-Bulgaria":

Meeting of Balkan Net in Sofia
The fifth meeting of Balkan Net was held on December 4-5 in Sofia.The organiser of the meeting was the REC-Bulgaria.
06/11/2006 Б. Мурджев
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